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How do I ensure I have selected the correct Marine Surveyor?

Classic lines on a GRP yacht undergoing osmosis treatment supervision

Firstly, ask questions:-

  1. What experience does the Surveyor have and how long has he been surveying?
  2. A Surveyor will normally be a member of one of the recognised organisations, ask which one he belongs to and check their web site to ensure he is a current member.
  3. Ask about Professional Indemnity Insurance, if he doesn’t have cover think about it, mortgage companies and insurance companies will not deal with a surveyor who does not have cover, why should you? Request sight of the policy!
  4. Ask to see a recent survey report on a similar type of yacht, if he refuses ask why.
  5. Ask to speak to one of his recent clients, find out if they are satisfied with his report and service, especially any assistance required following the survey.
  6. What does the survey include and what type of reporting format is used?
  7. How long will the survey take? A thorough survey will not be rushed. It will depend on the type of survey required and will be based on size, equipment and onboard systems.

Once you retain the Alexander Surveys surveyor, he works only for you and reports to no-one else. The surveyor is there to protect your interest.

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