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Alexander Surveys is a well recognised and respected title in the world of marine surveying. We have gained our reputation through providing a service second to none to our instructing clients and are conveniently sited on the south coast of Spain covering all of the south coast marinas.

Taking hull moisture readings

Our surveys are detailed covering all aspects of the yacht, her construction, her operating systems, electronics and mechanical systems. We deliberately avoid “jargon” in our surveys ensuring that our instructing client clearly understands the contents of our reports and the relevance of our comments.

A verbal report is carried out immediately on the completion of the survey, the written report takes time to prepare as each report is detailed to the subject yacht, we don’t just tick boxes on site! The completed, detailed and illustrated report, which will become an important part of your yacht’s history, will be bound in book form, prior to binding a copy will be e-mailed to our instructing clients within 5 days of survey completion. We find this level of reporting detail is appreciated by clients and professionals equally.

During the survey nothing is rushed, attention to detail takes time, typically a survey on a 12 metre yacht will take 2, occasionally 3 days, and can often run from 30 to 40 pages, in the case of GRP this after the yacht has been ashore for at least 4 days to allow meaningful moisture meter readings to be taken and interpreted.

Ready for the sea

Our Principal Surveyor, Elliot Berry, is a Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying and of The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers & Ship Surveyors and has gained a wealth of experience in GRP, wood and steel and Ferro Cement construction, all of which will be at your disposal.

Be it a damage survey, re-fit supervision, insurance survey or a full pre-purchase survey, we are here to look after your interests.

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